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Description of this webcam of New York City :

One Times Square is a 25-story building, over one hundred meters in height, which has been established since the early 1900s in the Quadrangle (97th Avenue, 43rd Street, Broadway and 42nd Street) in Times Square in Manhattan.

The webcam is hung at the top of Two Times Square directly in front of One Times Square in Times Square, these two buildings support several giant advertising screens of the company Sherwood Outdoor and which for a long time broadcast the TDK brand until recently.

Without forgetting that it is from this building that the famous Times Square Ball falls every year.

The pan tilt zoom (PTZ) camera used to broadcast these images of the building of One Times Square is a AXIS Q6055-E camera.
This high-performance camera that can obtain very high definition images is worth nearly 4,500 US dollars.


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