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 2018-06-20 | 22:51  (GMT) 
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Description of this livecam of Phuket :

This webcam in Phuket city offers a live view of this world open 24 hours a day, it must be said this city is sparkling. The camera is installed on Thalang Street at the top of Robinson Street. There is a lot of restaurant, very good restaurant like Sin Lee and Villa Mart where you can enjoy great fish and healthy vegetables. The very affordable beer with ginger.

It should be noted that airfare prices can range from $ 1000 to $ 5000 for example if you leave Vancouver it will cost you only $ 1000 if you leave New York that will cost you about $ 3500. The price of the flight by the plane is high, however the costs of accommodation, food and drink are derisory.

Attention, it is advisable to avoid the dangers of going on a tour, if you drink do not lose your head.


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