::::::::: SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST - CHINA NEWS :::::::::                    China’s central bank preparing further policy easing to counter credit squeeze          China’s trade war fallout tipped to be the talk of Beidaihe, the Communist Party’s Camp David-style retreat          US planning to let Taiwan leader use American airports en route to Paraguay, despite Beijing concerns          Former Hong Kong minister Patrick Ho fails to have corruption charges against him thrown out of court          China and Russia delay US bid to halt refined petroleum exports to North Korea following accusations of sanction-breaking          Chinese neuroscientist cries foul after ‘arrogant’ US embassy refuses him a visa … again          China-US trade war: the gloves are already off, but will Donald Trump’s favourite MAGA hats be next?          Chinese companies absent from DC lobbying on trade war          China-US trade dispute leaves American fashion firms in fear of being stitched up          How ‘Asura’’s record budget produced an epic box office flop          China ‘forces airline out of business’ as Palau maintains links with Taiwan          Top Huawei executive calls for ‘open-minded’ US political leaders to ensure academic freedom          The emotional downside to studying in the UK for Chinese students          Subway train evacuated after Chinese woman bites man ‘over marriage problems’          11 Chinese sales staff hospitalised on gruelling boot camp after urine turns brown          China ready to use ‘counter-cyclical’ measures to curb foreign exchange volatility          Chinese supermarket staff filmed eating snails and throwing shells back for sale          Chinese professor kicks, punches hospital staff over pregnant wife’s treatment          Businessman jailed for privacy violations after helping expose Chinese judges’ illicit activities          A China borrower’s US$11 billion debt pile comes crashing down          Can China survive trade war by seducing US firms and fixing economy’s weak links?          China’s National Supervisory Commission: fresh, bigger fears over reach of new anti-corruption super agency          Can Beijing use China-US trade dispute to boost economic ties with other countries?          Airbus and Boeing hide identity of US$35.4 billion Chinese buyers as trade war creates minefield for international companies          Donald Trump is trying to woo Vladimir Putin, but Xi Jinping has already won his heart          Beijing slammed for using ‘carrot and stick’ coercion to change Taiwanese ‘status quo’ by top island official          Beijing did a tech reality check on its industrial champions. The results were not amazing          Xi Jinping ‘doesn’t intend to follow through’ on trade war talks and local Chinese officials are ‘like mafioso dons’, says top Donald Trump adviser Larry Kudlow          China’s Saturday Night Live: victim of Communist Party censorship, or just not funny?          Clouds over massive Chinese infrastructure projects but China and Malaysia ‘can weather change’          Beijing launches live-fire drill to ‘test combat strength against Taiwan’          Beijing's air pollution helps its trees grow better, faster, stronger, study finds          Elk meat ‘served in restaurants next door to Chinese elk protection park’          Chicken blood for the soul? Animal ritual toast at real estate firm’s project launch ‘just a stunt’          China crowdfunding platform closes down driver who asked for money to help bury his accident victims          China customs intercept a million tonnes of illegal waste          Chinese man accused of drunken attack on children ‘told police he didn’t dare fight an adult’          China’s investment in West Africa challenges France for business in its former colonies          US academic and critic of Beijing censorship loses job at top Chinese university          How China hopes to profit from its close ties to North Korea          US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin not planning China meetings at G20 summit          Surge in lipsticks sales in China points to influence of internet celebrities – not looming downturn          It’s not carbs or sugar. Eating more fats makes you fat, study on mice shows          Air China’s flight hours cut by state regulator and pilots’ licences revoked after plane’s 25,000-foot plunge in vaping fiasco          How can China win a trade war? A Beijing think tank offers its top tips          Beijing’s new Zaha Hadid-designed airport to showcase latest facial recognition technology          What Hong Kong crackdown on pro-independence party means for freedom in the city          Shanghai remains investment destination of choice as reforms attract US$21.5b in first half          Former US intelligence officer pleads not guilty to accusations he tried to sell secrets to China          Caught in China’s cash crunch: why private companies are collapsing into a black hole of shadowy debt