::::::::: SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST - CHINA NEWS :::::::::                    China is taking a new approach to its jobless rate, but is it enough?          Tensions mount as Beijing sends navy on Pacific drills south of Taiwan          What’s changing at China’s central bank under its new leadership?          China welcomes North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s promise to freeze nuclear tests          Are the US and China headed for war over Taiwan?          Storms force major traffic delays at Beijing’s main airport          ZTE may be too big to fail, as it remains the thin end of the wedge in China’s global tech ambition          Why Chinese women don’t speak out about sexual harassment in the workplace          What’s the ‘dirty secret’ of Western academics who self-censor work on China?          What you need to know about the US panel that can stop deals from transferring cutting-edge tech to China          EU presents (nearly) united front against China’s ‘unfair’ Belt and Road Initiative           Chinese local governments’ US$2.4 billion of concealed debt is uncovered by audit office           Elderly Chinese paid for destroying their own coffins to be burned as fuel          American teenager who was abandoned as a baby in China issues appeal to find birth parents          Chinese boy suffocated at ‘rebellious children’ boot camp          Brawl in Taiwan parliament as MPs turn militant in debate over military pension cuts          Encouraging signs for retailers as consumers head back to the shopping mall: PwC survey          China and Taiwan air forces trade videos warning each other of willingness to protect interests           Chinese tourists kill kangaroo, hurling bricks to make it hop          Beijing will retaliate if US sparks trade war, China envoy warns          Xi Jinping appeals to Britain and Turkey to cool down Syria conflict after US-led bombings          Australia defends right to sail in international waters after Chinese challenge in South China Sea          Chinese widow cares for disabled neighbour for over three decades          US sorghum grain ships change course at sea after China slaps on import charges          Chinese will spend more time on their smartphones than watching telly this year          China looks to speed up chip plans as US trade tensions boil          Xi Jinping claims progress on national security in meeting of secretive commission          US urged to act immediately to save its systems from the ‘growing threat of Chinese cyber theft’          Has Beijing just put the finishing touches to its battle plan to take back Taiwan?          Alibaba backs free trade with smart digital hub in Thailand          Chinese investment into US down by a third as Washington and Beijing battle over trade          Beijing accuses US, EU of dumping rubber on China as trade dispute shows no signs of tiring          Rural exodus leaves a shrinking Chinese village full of ageing poor, and only three children          Taiwan actor Chang Chen on Cannes Film Festival jury, but they call him Chinese, prompting Taiwan to request correction          Chinese police break up underground dog-fighting ring run by pensioners          Joint Security Area’s ‘Peace House’ is spruced up as hopes rise for North and South Korea to strike reconciliatory note          Chinese men stole pet cats to make ‘dragon and tiger soup’          Chinese city’s idea to deter jaywalkers – spray them with water          IMF warns shadow banking poses high risk to China’s financial stability          A giant indoor farm in China is breeding 6 billion cockroaches a year. Here's why          Beijing’s Palace Museum plans vast underground vault to hold treasures from Forbidden City          US media mogul Michael Bloomberg vows to stop Donald Trump’s trade war with China          China’s live-fire Taiwan Strait drill scales down as both sides reduce tensions          China calls on India to get on board with Nepal projects          US considers sanctioning Chinese officials over crackdown that detained ‘tens of thousands’ of Muslims in Xinjiang          Digital platform to link Chinese hospitals, enable remote diagnosis and reform health care services          Philippines may lodge protest with China after military planes are seen in Spratly Islands           Whiskey imports on the rocks as threat of US-China trade war weighs on industry          Beijing beauty salon investigated after woman, 78, spends US$44,000 on treatments          Chinese traffic police let offenders off if they post a confession online (and it gets enough likes)