::::::::: FRANCE 24 :::::::::                    French rail and flight disruptions coincide as labour unrest continues          France marks five-year anniversary of same-sex marriage          Belgian court finds Paris attacks suspect Abdeslam guilty over 2016 Brussels shootout          French police arrest man over Mont Saint-Michel threat          France's lower house approves controversial asylum and immigration bill           Iran nuclear deal set to test Macron-Trump ‘bromance’ on historic visit          Today's French strikes ‘lack vital ingredients’ of ’68 and ’95          France’s Mont-Saint-Michel evacuated after man threatens police           Macron’s controversial asylum bill makes headway in French parliament           French politicians, celebrities condemn ‘new anti-Semitism’          Macron calls Egypt's Sisi to discuss Syrian war          'Far from over': French students evicted from Tolbiac vow to fight Macron's reforms          France ‘expels’ controversial Salafist preacher to Algeria          Cocktail of anger lacks punch at Paris anti-reform protest          Brazil prosecutor warns against Total drilling near Amazon coral reef          Syria returns Assad's Légion d'honneur to France