::::::::: ANSA English :::::::::                    Priest takes church gold to pay debts          Woman, 85, killed by husband's car          Man who stabbed wife 32 times gets off          World's longest cat lives in Lombardy          Circus man nabbed for beating co-worker          Holidays donated to woman with sick son          No one came to get me says Pakistani (5)          1.2 children in poverty - UNICEF Italia          US tourist hurts passerby with drone          RAI board votes for Foa president          Olympic bid 'closed' - Giorgetti          Boy, 13, dies as bike hits car          Boy, 13, dies as bike hits car          Tria working to find budget solutions          Doctors launch campaign agst racism          Cantone stops Tolentino quake project          Arrive at 2-2.2% deficit Bitonci          If you want EU end go home-Tajani-Bannon          Salvini-Bannon meetings v.serious          Corona jail term halved to 6 mts (4)          New census to start in Oct - ISTAT          Calabria butcher murderers caught          Corona jail term halved to 6 mts          2 Italians among emerging researchers          Italy still top in EU for dodging VAT          No one came to get me says Pakistani          Raggi says OK to special powers          Women directors boost productivity          Genoa decree ready says Toninelli          Roma stadium probe on 400,000 euros           PD treasurer probed for Parnasi funds          Fitch lowers Italy 2018 growth forecast          3 nabbed for 'Ndrangheta chief murder          Pope removes another 2 Chilean bishops          Pope removes another 2 Chilean bishops          Growth in purchasing power slows - ISTAT          Security decree coming Monday - Salvini          Italy health-spending efficiency high          'Negro' blamed for long hospital wait          ISTAT ups 2017 GDP estimate to +1.6%          Half of holiday home rentals illegal          Basic income only for Italians - Di Maio          Italian gets 1st tactile bionic hand          Porn site blackmail scam discovered          14 water purifiers seized in Calabria          We ask Jesus to protect Church - pope          Universiade:assessor says site start Oct          Miss Italy may be stripped of crown          Centre right will return to govt          Streets flooded in Rome          M5S studying basic income for Italians          Universiade: ARU ready on venues          Centre right to run together          Antitrust probes Ryanair baggage fees          Lory Del Santo says son killed self          Conte rules out VAT hike          Conte rules out VAT hike          Migrant deal still needed - Conte to EU          Don't let banks call us crazy - Grillo          Priest found guilty of abusing boy, 15          OECD shouldn't interfere - Di Maio          Mission to Niger to stem migrant traffic          Priest found guilty of abusing boy, 15          Pope removes bishop who 'raped nun'          5 hurt as car hits Poles near St Peter's          Toninelli, EU commissioner spar over TAV          Brexit and Italy prosperity risks - OECD          Rebibbia inmate had been reported          Man kills mum, throws self off bridge          Macron shdn't lecture others - Salvini          4 deported 'hoped for attack' - Salvini          Unemployment claims up 9.4% in July          Gas leak at Arezzo archive, two dead          OECD cuts Italy growth forecast          IOC likes Milan-Cortina bid - Sala          'Racism, hatred spreading' - pope          Woman forced to go to Pakistan returning          Inge Feltrinelli is dead          Go back home if can't find cash- Di Maio          Reports of VAT rise false - Di Maio          Juve win despite Ronaldo red          Mafia boss Profeta dies          Mushroom hunter finds graveyard          Boy, 15, nabbed with marijuana at school          Father who killed son tries to jump          4 deported inc imam for Islamist links          All cleared in fascist salute case          3 nabbed in 'love trap' FB case          Saw pain on pope's face on abuse - Bono          Saw pain on pope's face on abuse - Bono          Saw pain on pope's face on abuse - Bono          Scaroni acquitted on Algeria kickback          Scaroni acquitted on Algeria kickback          Rome jail women's section head suspended          Scaroni acquitted on Algeria 'kickbacks'          Sicily top for NEETs in Europe again          Bill to cut golden pensions presented          Bills to cut MPs, for new referendum          1 hurt in blast near Verona (2)          Universiade: Directors' meeting