::::::::: PRAVDA REPORT - RUSSIA NEWS :::::::::                    Russian government readies powerful sanctions against Ukraine          Putin does not exclude war with Ukraine in Donbass          Russia reveals new videos of Putin's new formidable weapons being tested          Putin signs decree to abolish secret Novichok lab in Russia          New Kinzhal missile to strike aircraft carriers from distance of 1,500 km          Russian Ambassador to US speaks about aftermath of Putin-Trump summit          Russian Finance Minister: Pensioners live too long          Russia's World Cup: 883 billion spent, 184 billion made          Putin-Trump summit in Helsinki held in the cross hairs of the Russian fleet          Putin warns of consequences should Georgia and Ukraine become NATO members          Russia to prove its innocence in MH17 disaster          Does Putin trust Trump now?          Moscow metro to open one of its most beautiful new stations          Russia works on new airplane to shoot down space satellites          Kremlin declassifies Kim Jong-un's letter to Putin          Russia introduces additional duties on imports of US goods          Russia spends over $11 billion on 2018 World Cup          Putin has nothing to say regarding pension reform in Russia          Russia demands USA should destroy chemical weapons and declassify Novichok files          Prime Minister Medvedev raises retirement age and VAT