::::::::: PRAVDA REPORT - RUSSIA NEWS :::::::::                    Putin celebrates Epiphany bathing in ice cold waters          Russia starts shipping S-400 air defence systems to China          Kremlin speaks about Putin's health          Three scenarios of new super sanctions against Russia published          Ukraine suspicious about Russia's intention to give away rusty ships to Kiev          Priorities for the Russian Army in 2018          Putin says how he is going to see the New Year in          Russia to cut number of airfields for USA under Open Skies Treaty in January 2018          Western leaders never get tired to go ape when they see Russian flags anywhere near          Aleksei Navalny cannot be registered as presidential candidate in Russia          Russia may have plans to relocated troops from Syria to Egypt          British Foreign Secretary calls himself 'convinced Russophile'          Putin interrupts meeting of Council for Culture to make an urgent phone call          Putin: Russia can handle all problems without any help from the outside          Russia starts transforming Syria          Russia established 24/7 control over Arctic region          Putin to Sobchak: We will never let them turn Russia into another Ukraine          Russia not pulling out from any international agreements, Putin says          Pentagon can not accept Russia's victory over terrorists in Syria          Gorbachev blesses Putin for saving Russia from chaos