::::::::: PRAVDA REPORT - RUSSIA NEWS :::::::::                    Russia's only aircraft carrier to receive new weapons          Western media still horrified about Russia's Doomsday weapon          Russia deprives Pacific Fleet of legendary submarines          Russia to introduce criminal responsibility for those implementing anti-Russian sanctions          Russia to launch new minesweeper made of fibreglass          Russian Prosecutor General speaks about mystery of Berezovsky's death          Putin presents his condolences to George H. Bush          Russia accuses British special services of staging Douma chemical attack          Crimea launches new international airport          Russian FM Lavrov: US missiles conceal traces of Washington's crimes in Syria          Russian Defense Ministry says Russia has evidence proving Douma chemical attack was fake          Russia punches USA in the stomach          Russia prepares major response to US sanctions          Russia to test superheavy rocket in 10 years, Putin says          Putin: The world is plunging into chaos          Russia responds to Trump's bellicose tweets: Unwise use of 'smart' missiles          Russia and the West fly towards another Caribbean crisis          Russia hopes reason prevails over insanity in Syria          Russia may revise trade agreements with USA in response to sanctions          Russia's richest men lose $12 in one day