::::::::: PRAVDA REPORT - RUSSIA NEWS :::::::::                    Russia to wage war in five spaces          Russia urges USA not to play with fire in Syria          MiG Corporation to make fifth-generation fighter from MiG-35          Russia deploys powerful army in the Caucasus to contain NATO          NATO wants Russian Iskander missile systems to be more transparent          Russia gives up on major natural gas deposit near Crimea          Details of telephone conversation between Putin and Poroshenko unveiled          Russian Defense Ministry takes effort to mobilize servicemen in reserve          Putin cancels all public meetings          Su-25 assault aircraft made invulnerable to MANPADS after shoot-down accident in Syria          Russia tests new fully automatic antimissile          Putin writes off Kyrgyzstan's debt of $240 million          Putin's response to sanctions may stun USA          Russia advises Pentagon not to send reconnaissance aircraft to Black Sea anymore          Putin apologises to Russian athletes          Putin worried about shortcomings of Russian weapons in Syria          Putin calls WADA informer Rodchenkov 'jerk'          Putin upset his name is not on the Kremlin List          Russian officials refuse to fly to Washington for National Prayer Breakfast          Syria's name will change in Russia