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Description of this webcam of Montréal :

A live webcam from Montreal shows the traffic density and condition of the roadway on Sainte-Catherine Street at the intersection of Rue de la Montagne.

In the heart of downtown Montreal, this intersection is a few hundred meters from several flagship stores for major brands like Apple and the Apple Sainte-Catherine (Apple Store Webcam) as well as Adidas and the Adidas Originals.

This webcam is installed in downtown Montreal, in the Ville-Marie borough at Montreal.

The Apple Store (Apple Sainte-Catherine) allows you to go shopping or go repaired your Apple devices, like iPhone or MacBook. It is in this store that you can bring your iPhone 6, for example, to change a broken or cracked LCD screen. Replacing an iPhone 6 or iPhone SE LCD screen costs around $180, while replacing an iPhone 8, iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S LCD screen costs around $225. For the replacement of an iPhone battery the price is only $35 plus taxes until December 31, 2018.

Apple Store - iPhone Screen Repair

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