::::::::: ANSA English :::::::::                    3 mafia verdicts for Rome bar raid          Pope sees Polish president on JP II          Italian cinema box-office returns up 40%          Woman soccer player dropped over League          Volleyball: Italy beat Japan          Man, 76, kills partner's son          Schools closed for bad weather in Reggio          Woman soccer player dropped over League          Commission accusations groundless          Woman soccer player dropped over League          Woman soccer player dropped over League          Govt supports tax dodgers, black work-PD          Lodi mayor stands by school canteen rule          Di Maio snubs fiscal peace 'summit'          Ilaria Cucchi to meet Trenta, Nistri Wed          Salvini asks about French 'migrant-drop'          Probe into huge Milan waste-site blaze          Go all the way on fiscal peace - Salvini          Lodi mayor stands by school canteen rule          3-year term requested for Rixi          Riace migrant transfers voluntary - min          Italy's public debt fell in August - BoI          Milan bourse weak, spread down          Govt set to hold another budget meeting          Italy avert Nations League relegation          Man nabbed for running over prostitute          Romanian woman deported for begging          Flu costs Italy 10 bn a year - study          Tunisian, 20, rapes Slovak, 38          2 Roma ram police car after burglary          Police probing death of Ragusa woman          Parma most 'eco-mobile' city          Rome to bar tour buses by 2019          2 more Cucchi cops probed, 1 quizzed          Minniti says mulling PD leadership run          2 more Cucchi cops probed, 1 quizzed          Stalkers as bad as mafiosi - court (3)          Vatican moves on Mob-stolen Caravaggio          EasyJet flight makes emergency landing          UK pols back Kyenge          2 probed for Rome forum church collapse          Pope accepts resignation of Wuerl          Man dies after soccer TV fight          Cucchi Carabiniere to testify by Jan          Verdini cleared of illicit funding          Indebted States must follow Pact-Draghi          Alitalia to become newco with FS          Vatican moves on Mob-stolen Caravaggio          Italy's plans in opposite direction -IMF          Universiade:Work starts on Barra stadium          16 No-TAV protestors convicted          Underground, illegal economy worth 210bn          Body of child missing in floods found          Students burn Salvini, Di Maio dummies          Fishing boats seized by Libya released          Universiade: Special port security measures needed          Conte rules out major budget changes          Teacher suspended for mistreating pupils          UK returns 2 Etruscan treasures          Agent cleared of raping showgirl          Const'ion pects authorities - Mattarella          Const'ion pects authorities - Mattarella          Carabiniere gets 4 yrs, 8 mts for rape          Const'ion pects authorities - Mattarella          Officer accuses other cops over Cucchi          Caltanissetta prosecutor gets bullet          Const'ion pects authorities - Mattarella          Const'ion pects authorities - Mattarella          Const'ion pects authorities - Mattarella          Const'ion pects authorities - Mattarella          Soccer: Juve appeal rejected, ban to 2          Migrant attacks Foggia centre director          UK returns 2 Etruscan treasures          Caltanissetta prosecutor gets bullet          Officer accuses other cops over Cucchi          Officer accuses other cops over Cucchi          Migrant attacks Foggia centre director          Govt to gradually scrap media funds          Be brave and 'invasive' in prayer - pope          'Hundreds' of Ronaldo documents -Spiegel          Soccer clubs sd pay for police-Salvini          Govt wants to take us out of euro-PD          Pension reform adds 100 bn to debt-Boeri          Police seize 19 mn from Spada clan          'Ethnic shops' to close by 21:00-Salvini          Migrants lawyer car torched          Personal trainer confesses to murder          We'll change says Mancini after Ukraine          Not too late for credible budget - EU          Bossi requests community service          Woman dead,man missing in Sardinia storm          Officer accuses other cops over Cucchi          Salvini rules out wealth tax          Pension reform adds 100 bn to debt-Boeri          Universiade: Roundtable on medical area          Woman dead as storms batter Sardinia          Italy should respect EU rules-Lagarde          Woman missing as storms batter Sardinia          Spread back over 300 points          'Foggia violence caused by arrest'