::::::::: ANSA English :::::::::                    Bad weather alert in seven regions          Kids get flu shot to protect classmate          Brussels set for fresh Italy budget KO (3)          Man in a coma, 25-year-old arrested          Janitor arrested for assaulting teens          Parkinson's man rehired after firing          Land of Fires protocol signed in Caserta (3)          Bull gores vet to death          Land of Fires protocol signed in Caserta          Land of Fires protocol signed in Caserta          Man who poisoned 3 relatives cleared          Land of Fires waste protocol signed          Sensual fresco found in Pompeii          Violence agst women down this year          Higher deficit was necessary says Tria          Boy, 16, wounds schoolmate with knife          Police bust puppy smuggling gang          Russian roulette for pushers' rivals          Different views on waste, contract guide          1,000 budget amendments inadmissible (3)          Violence agst women down this year          Half of Italians don't do sport          Europe can't ignore Italian jobless-EPP          Wintry weather hits Italy          M5S forced to pull condoms for migrants          You can't love out of interest - pope          Ferrante fever with My Brilliant Friend          Di Maio wants FCA action on sacked staff          Man, 35, arrested for raping minors          Soccer: Marotta set to join Inter          Salvini proposes 'red rating' for reports of violence on women          Free press needs State help - Mattarella          Pension overhaul will happen - Di Maio          Erotic fresco uncovered in Pompeii          Quitting euro crazy -bank chief Patuelli          Salvini-Di Maio trash duel continues          We may reject eurozone budget - Salvini          Gubitosi elected new TIM CEO          Golf: Molinari wins Race to Dubai          Italy miss out on Nations League finals          Di Maio 'not worried' about EU penalties          Woman nabbed with 6 kg of coke          2 nabbed for mistreating elderly          4 paratroopers nabbed for charging truck          Tunisian to be deported for abuse          Father and mother on ID card - Salvini          Zingaretti leads Minniti in PD race          Zingaretti leads Minniti in PD race (2)          Senigallia eatery gets 3 Michelin stars          Soccer: Pjanic an injury doubt          Father and mother on ID card - Salvini          Father and mother on ID card - Salvini          Always saying no causes fires - Salvini          Salvini row stirs tension says Di Maio          Benvenuti to take over ASI (3)          Zingaretti leads Minniti in PD race          Van Dyck stars at Turin show          1 femicide every 2 days in Italy          Against incinerators but dialogue          Conte hails fiscal peace          Rugby: Parisse out for Australia game          World looks other way on Christian death          Mancini says bidding for Final Four          1 killed, 1 hurt by train          Investments for social cohesion - Tria          League, M5S incinerator spat rumbles on          School students protest          Labourer nabbed for kiddy porn          Storm-hit households to get 5,000 euros          Laura Pausini triumphs at Latin Grammy          Berlusconi indicted in escorts case          Industrial orders down 2.9% in September          EU must act over Italian budget -Austria          Three probed in TAP investigation          Italy won't accept EU penalties -Salvini          Don't increase debt warns Draghi          5 workers injured in railway-tunnel fire          Mum kills 2 kids, takes own life          Govt drops plan for tax amnesty          Communion sweets shaped like guns found          Biggest truffle ends up in Dubai          Sedentary lifestyles kill 88,000 people          Man kills wife, relative          3 bears die in water collection tank          New show uncovers genius of Guido Reni          Gessica Notaro acid attacker gets 15 yrs          Di Maio-Salvini clash on incinerators          Gessica Notaro acid attacker gets 15 yrs          Gessica Notaro acid attacker gets 15 yrs          Man kills wife, relative          Amnesty for 1,600-2,000 Ischia buildings          Baby bonus to return says Fontana (3)          Roma donate 150,000 to Sean Cox family          Man strips naked in street, rapes woman (5)          Desirée murder charge remains for man          Viganò sentenced to pay brother back          People hurt after metro slams on brake          9-mt tax take up 2.1%          Malagò blasts govt's CONI reform          Di Maio-Salvini clash on incinerators