::::::::: PRAVDA REPORT - RUSSIA NEWS :::::::::                    Chief of Russian National Guards declines Navalny's TV debate offer          Russia builds her first-ever turbojet engine for civil aviation          Edward Snowden does not feel safe in Russia          Putin: Russians will go to heaven in case of nuclear war          Putin blames globalisation for Kerch school shooting that claimed 21 lives          Russia receives super long range missile for S-400 anti-aircraft systems          Russia will not let NATO warships into Sea of Azov          Deputy head of the Crimea arrested in Moscow          Russia will not be de-dollarized          World Cup brings one trillion rubles to Russian economy          Russia shows top secret X-101 cruise missile          The Iron Curtain is falling on Russia again          Russia develops special strategy in Africa          Schengen visa applications in Russia increase by 22 percent          Russian Central Bank warns of risks for oil to drop to $35          Russian Finance Minister urges Russians not to cash dollars          Putin's ratings decline seriously to where they were before Crimea referendum          Putin calls Skripal scumbag and traitor, likens him to prostitute          India buys S-400 systems from Russia worth over $5 billion despite threat of sanctions          Russia's new PAK DA bomber plane to fly for 30 hours non-stop