::::::::: SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST - CHINA NEWS :::::::::                    Chinese missile build-up has also strained US-Russia nuclear arms pact          Amazon and Super Micro back Tim Cook and call for Bloomberg to withdraw China chip hack story          Korean Air ‘struggling’ to return to days of booming mainland Chinese market amid US-China trade war tensions          Shenzhen’s all-electric bus fleet is a world’s first that comes with massive government funding          From Citibank to Standard Chartered, rattled global banks curb China travel after UBS executive is barred from exiting          US-led Quad coalition a ‘useful anti-China bulwark’ in Asia say people in 10 Asean countries          Supermicro tells customers it is looking for Chinese spy chips on motherboards ‘despite lack of proof’          Tsinghua University says it revoked PhD after blog reveals plagiarism and misconduct          Hopes high Xi Jinping can brighten China’s outlook in landmark trip to where the economic miracle began          The stones in the road for China’s 2025 plan on electric vehicles          Pentagon sends two US warships through Taiwan Strait, risking fury from Beijing as tensions remain high          China embarks on first joint naval drills with Asean as US tensions simmer in South China Sea          Chinese tourists face 7 years in Indian jail over shawls made from an endangered antelope          How China plans to use infrastructure projects to build bridges with Japan          Chinese broadcaster denies host spent US$865,800 on lavish light show for birthday          China stays silent over killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi          ‘Japanese Doll’ Ai Fukuhara breaks China’s heart with retirement from table tennis          Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Qianhai economic test bed as US trade war takes toll          Indonesia to review China’s belt and road projects if Prabowo beats Widodo in presidential election          China’s #MeToo claim costs university professor his job          Trade war: China’s natural gas tariff will kill off US projects, says Canadian firm          Chinese regions accused of faking efforts to curb environmental problems          Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen meets relatives of rail crash victims          China requires blockchain-based information service providers to register users using real names, censor postings and store user data          African swine fever reaches China’s pork loving southern region          Chinese experts ‘filtered’ trade war advice to Beijing policymakers          Chinese stocks jump most since 2016 after Beijing moves to boost battered confidence          Chinese state media hits out at ‘ignorant and malicious’ Mike Pompeo for Latin America debt warning          More than 160 Hong Kong businesses to take part in import expo in Shanghai as China bids to show eagerness for foreign investment amid US trade war          So many Indians and Pakistanis, why so few Chinese in British politics?          Canada installs Chinese underwater monitoring devices next to US nuclear submarine base          China’s financial crisis team goes into overdrive with 10th meeting in two months          Donald Trump ‘targets’ China by pulling out of missile deal with Russia          At least 18 dead and 168 injured in Taiwan tourist train crash          Xi Jinping promises to protect China’s private businesses to ensure a ‘better tomorrow’          Expect big deals and some choppy waters to navigate when Xi Jinping goes to Manila          Will the US change its China policy if the Democrats win the midterms or is that wishful thinking from Beijing?          Is Beijing tightening its control over Hong Kong? State Council office’s evolving role tells a lot          China’s melting glacier draws millions of tourists and scientists’ fears          Cave-in at Chinese coal mine kills two, leaves 20 trapped underground          Meet the Cantonese activist fighting to keep the language alive in its southern Chinese heartland          US-China trade war: Trump gets his (USMCA) clause out in Asia          Taiwan’s cosying up to Trump could spark a China-US war          Don’t mention the US-China trade war: Asia and Asean are pressing ahead with their own deals          Why the new H-20 subsonic stealth bomber could be a game changer for China          Taiwan independence protesters take to the street in Taipei          What Japan can teach China about the American art of (trade) war          China proposes new personal tax perks to cut cost of housing, education and health care          As China warms up to Israel, ties could cause security quandary for the long-time US ally          Pentagon’s goal of stopping enemy missiles before they’re launched risks amplifying North Korean danger